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Environmental management is one of the cores of Ximei Resources. Wherever possible, we will prevent or otherwise reduce, mitigate or remedy any potentially harmful effects of our operations on the environment.


We have set self-reinforcing environmental goals to drive continuous improvement. Through our commitment and actions, we have demonstrated our ability to manage the natural resources and responsibly reduce our footprints in the environment. Our performance has exceeded the community's expectations for environmental and social governance, and we continue to strive to be a leader in environmental performance.

Responsible Purchasing

To fully embody the corporate social responsibility and values, and as a member of TIC and ITSCI, Ximei Resources is committed to establishing a complete due diligence management system, committed to strictly selecting the sources of raw materials and resolutely avoiding the procurement of non-compliant raw materials from high-risk areas to prevent benefiting illegal interest groups in the region, causing continued local unrest or escalation of conflicts or violations of human rights.


Ximei Resources has passed the annual audit by Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) . We are a conformant smelter and meet responsible procurement standards at all of our production facilities. Ximei Resources strictly abides by the relevant laws and regulations and international rules.

Our main objective is to ensure the health and safety of everyone from the first step to the final products being delivered to our customers. Ximei Resources will continue to adhere to international human rights standards and insist that everyone who does business with us shall follow the same standards.


As a responsible and compassionate corporate citizen, Ximei Resources has always been committed to community contributions. According to local needs, we build bridges, roads, stadiums and critical infrastructure to improve the well-being of our community residents.

Ximei Resources will maintain its resolve and continue to serve the community residents, and bring care and support to the community and society.