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General Manager of Ximei Resources (Guizhou) Technology Limited Was Selected as an Excellent Private Entrepreneur in Guizhou Province
2024-03-11  Source:Ximei Resources

On 27 February, the Province's Private Economy High-Quality Development and Business Environment Construction Conference was held. In order to inspire more enterprises to become stronger, better and bigger, and actively participate in the new journey of Guizhou's modernisation, the conference commended the outstanding private entrepreneurs, industry leading private entrepreneurs and excellent private entrepreneurs of Guizhou Province in 2021-2023. Mr. Lan Weifeng, General Manager of Ximei Resources (Guizhou) Technology Limited was awarded the title of "Excellent Private Entrepreneur of Guizhou Province" in 2021-2023.

Mr. Lan Weifeng said that this is not only a personal honour, but also an honour for Ximei Resources. Ximei Resources (Guizhou) Technology Limited will continue to work steadily, to produce high-quality tantalum and niobium metal products that meet the expectations of customers and the market, and to make a good undertaking and breakthrough for Ximei Group to successfully build an integrated industrial chain.

The main products of Ximei Resources (Guizhou) Technology Limited are tantalum bars, niobium ingots, melted niobium, alloys and other metals and products, and its output is among the top in the world after reaching full production.