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"New materials" became the main force, and Ximei Resources was selected into the provincial " Specialization, refinement, specificity and novelty " list
2020-07-15  Source:

On July 15, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology released the 2020 Guangdong Province “Specialization, refinement, specificity and novelty” Small and Medium-sized Enterprises List (hereinafter referred to as " Specialization, refinement, specificity and novelty " Enterprises). 822 enterprises from 21 cities in the province were on the list. According to statistics, 10 companies in Qingyuan have entered the list, and Ximei Resources is one of them.

What is a " Specialization, refinement, specificity and novelty " enterprise? According to the requirements of the "Selection Measures", it means that their main business and development focus are in line with national industrial policies and related requirements. The enterprises have strong technological innovation and financing capabilities, good development speed, efficiency and quality, and take the path of specialization, refinement, specificity and novelty.

It is required to focus on the selection of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, and give priority to the selection of strategic emerging industries, core basic components (components), key basic materials, advanced basic industries, industrial technology foundations, and basic software companies.