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Ximei Resources was awarded "Qingyuan Benchmark High-tech Enterprise"
2022-02-24  Source:Ximei Resources

Recently, the Science and Technology Bureau of Qingyuan City announced the list of benchmarking high-tech enterprises in Qingyuan City in 2021. A total of 52 companies participated in the selection of benchmarking high-tech enterprises in Qingyuan City, and 10 companies were finally selected. Two companies in Yingde City were selected, and Ximei Resources (Guangdong) Limited was one of them.


Ximei Resources (Guangdong) Limited is a leading hydrometallurgical enterprise of tantalum and niobium in China, focusing on the R&D and production of potassium fluorotantalate, tantalum oxide, niobium oxide, etc. Its products are widely used in high-end electronics, aerospace, defense and military industries, optics, medical and other fields, with a domestic market share of nearly 40% in 2020. Ximei Resources (Guangdong) Limited honors national high-tech enterprise, innovative enterprise in Guangdong Province, outstanding enterprise in Guangdong Province, high-growth enterprise in Guangdong Province, specialized and new enterprise in Guangdong Province, doctoral workstation in Guangdong Province, and provincial-level intellectual property demonstration enterprise. Ximei Resources has established a provincial enterprise technology center, a provincial and municipal engineering technology center, and a provincial and municipal scientific and technological commissioner workstation. In addition, the company has won the second prize of China's non-ferrous metal scientific and technological achievements, provincial outstanding scientific and technological achievements prize. Nine products of ours were listed as high-tech products.

Enterprises that are rated as "Qingyuan Benchmarking High-tech Enterprises" will receive a one-time reward of up to 500,000 yuan, and will also receive certain policy support in scientific and technological innovation, land, finance, and government affairs.